Dr. McCann did his Botox thing with Janet. Mostly in the right arm and shoulder as he is not convinced he could do enough to make a real difference in Janet’s legs right now. He did inject some into her right ankle as there is a bit of deflection starting there. If the tone in her legs persists over the next few months he said he would then try to Botox in a more concentrated form. Guess I have to trust that he knows what he’s doing.

We got to the house just after three this afternoon and Janet helped Laurel and Cam make some Christmas baking. Janet was very happy to sit at the table and help with mixing and stirring but mostly I think she really enjoyed being home with two of her kids. Janet F. came by for a nice visit complete with some yummy Christmas baking of her own and another scarf for Janet’s growing collection. They are really nice accessories that thanks to Jason I now know how to install on Janet. I went back to Rehab to get her dinner tray so we could all eat dinner at home together. Fish was on her menu tonight and she seemed to like it. She didn’t eat a huge dinner but she did have a large lunch not that long before. The visit home ended a little sooner than hoped for as Janet was having some toileting issues that needed to be addressed back at Rehab. It was just after seven by the time she was back in her bed so that was a pretty good outing. I gave her legs a little stretch before saying goodnight. Janet seemed happy with the busy day she had and is looking forward to seeing a whole bunch of family tomorrow.

Praying for a restful night and a happy day of visiting tomorrow.

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