Ski Report

I went skiing for a little bit this morning so here is an update from Laurel on the day so far.

Update from Laurel:

When I arrived today Mom was still in bed as the nurses were late getting the patients up today. They soon came in and got her ready. Judging by their use of the Arjo with her later on, I’m pretty sure they were rough with Mom’s right arm, as its been sore all day. Jess said she put a note about that but will try to speak to them again.

Mom was happy to have coffee at breakfast, and said it was “very good.” She ate all of the yogurt and fruit on her tray, but nothing else came. We had a little stretch then headed to Physio, where Mom did well on the Nu-step and with standing exercises. She went to speech on her own and then I joined her for OT where Jess had her practicing transfers and writing. Mom had a pained expression on her face and pointed to her stomach when we asked what hurt, so OT ended a little early. Mom did well at lunch, and I was able to convince her to get in bed for a rest afterward. She stayed in bed listening to Stuart Maclean stories for the whole hour while I whipped home. Back at the hospital I surprised Mom with her favorite coffee cups and an afternoon coffee to sip with me, and we are now about to take a look through her recipes to find some Christmas baking ideas. Looking forward to it!

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