Rest for the Weary

Janet did a great job with her chores this afternoon and the best part was she was quite happy to do them. This is her bed after she made it including changing the pillow case and taking the dirty linen out to the bin in the hallway. The only help I gave her was some verbal instructions along the way. I didn’t physically help at all.


I had her open and read a Christmas card from our friend Esther. So nice to hear from you! We also read Tim’s column on “how do you judge christmas” which led to an interesting discussion about what makes a successful Christmas. Janet said Christmas to her is “fun, love and giving”. Very nice for an uncoached answer. Her discussion powers were waning so I convinced her to lay down on her nicely made bed for a while and offered to join her. The thirty minutes of downtime gave her enough energy to get through dinner. Macaroni and cheese, mushroom soup and puréed apricots for the most part vanished from her tray. She quickly wheeled back to her room where we spent a little time chatting before getting ready for bed. She wanted to read Anne 2 as she fought the need for sleep but as soon as she hit the pillow I knew she wouldn’t last more than a page or two so I cancelled the reading and laid beside her again for a bit as she started to doze off.

Janet continues to fight to stay awake all day without a nap or rest time and it kind of caught up to her today with the two rest breaks. I don’t think it’s anything major to worry about but I will continue to remind her how it benefits her when she does take a break.

Praying for a night of healing and a day of fun and learning. Praying for a safe and onetime flight for Laurel.

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