Janet was in her usual spot at the breakfast table this morning. No coffee this time but she was still laughing about yesterday. She was a little on the quiet side overall and only ate her yogurt as she didn’t like the puréed pears. Back in her room she transferred herself very strongly from wheelchair to bed using the sliding board and I was able to get a really good stretch on her ankles and right arm before going to the gym for Physio.

Transferring from bed to wheelchair is getting pretty easy for Janet and she wheeled very confidently down to see Moira. As we moved away from the bed I asked Janet to try a little two footed Bam Bam action and she did for about five steps. It was clear this time that she’s not kicking her right foot forward but she is lifting her right leg up which allows the foot to spring ahead. Still encouraging. I mentioned it to Moira and she will see if she can get Janet to do more.

I sat in on Speech this morning so I could talk diet to Connie. She put Janet through a new series of activities identifying things in groups and naming favorites. Janet did well as long as she had some cueing. Connie was surprisingly accepting of the coffee drinking and said as long as Janet is under close supervision and not eating she can have thin liquids. I’m chilling the wine now.

When I returned from running errands and shoveling snow Janet was reading a magazine in the dining area “just being me”. I had encouraged her to rest after lunch but it was no go. She seemed very happy to be out on her own and while I’ve been writing this she’s been putting away her laundry and making her bed and seems to be enjoying the challenge. Looking forward to an afternoon of learning.

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  1. Sounds like it is time to come to Kelowna with my boots and bring some wine!….. just don’t call me Cam!… just fooling C’man…. I am honored!

    I can even bring some specialty coffee…. Though that is usually reserved for post dinner.

    See you with the boots and wine in Jan! love to all.


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