Can You Hear Me Now?

During a typical Skype call Janet will listen about ninety percent of the time and talk ten. Most of her talking used to be in a whisper and the level of loud voice talking has grown steadily the last couple of weeks. After her little rest period this afternoon we Skyped with Leslie and it was by far Janet’s loudest and most conversational. I wish I could have recorded it so y’all could hear her but trust me it was spectacular. She was not able to last more than twenty five minutes before her voice faded and she started losing focus though. After a short break we Skyped Laure and Raj who couldn’t wait to praise Janet on her coffee drinking exploit. Janet had some loud moments and participated well but definitely a step down from Leslie’s call.

All that took us pretty much to dinner time. I asked Janet to try some two footed wheelchair driving but she couldn’t get it going at all. Maybe in the morning. Chili and soup were her dinner tonight and she did very well eating both. Can’t wait to discuss all this with Connie.

After dinner we had some nice chat time, some Facebook time, where I showed her more pictures of Allan’s trip to Puerto Rico, and then a light stretch before bed.

Praying for a restful night that brings healing to her legs, right arm, vision and ability to communicate.

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