Coffee Time

Janet’s rebellious side continues to grow as this morning, not only was she not in her room, she was sitting at the breakfast table with Jean, Mary and Jacqueline having a cup of coffee. Seriously. She had a big mischievous grin on her face and quickly took a sip as soon as she saw me. Maybe to prove she could do it or maybe to have one last sip before I took it away from her. She was quite proud that she had that cup and was holding onto it for dear life. I asked her why she had it and she said, “I wanted it”. The story goes that her table mates encouraged the food services person to give her a cup and being the casual employee that she is she complied. I let Janet take a few sips and saw she was doing just fine swallowing so I let her enjoy it until breakfast arrived. The food services person came by to check Janet’s menu and I asked to have a look at it before she built the tray. I told her no applesauce, no Ensure. Minutes later she brought a tray for Janet with applesauce and Ensure. She graciously replaced the applesauce with puréed apricots and I have decided my health is more important than letting the constant gaffes from that department get to me so now I laugh. Ha ha.

I asked Janet who got her up this morning and she said “a girl named Jen”. She was right! On the way back to her room I noticed the right footrest was off the wheelchair but Janet was managing to move her right foot forward a little. I wasn’t sure if it was springing forward on its own or if she was doing it herself but as we went on it became clear she was doing it herself. That’s the first time I’ve seen that and it is a really encouraging sign. We had time for a good stretch before going to church and I’m happy with the results on Janet’s legs. They are very tight to begin with and then soon afterwards as well but I was able to get them reasonable flexed out.

Church was good. We were able to have a nice chat with Kiko and Greg’s website before the service and it was really cool to watch Janet sing along to a few of the songs. We had communion today and I wasn’t sure if Janet should partake but she really wanted to and since she had already had coffee I figured some fake wine couldn’t hurt. I gave her just a bit of the bread and a sip of my juice and that made for a nice moment. Overall Janet said she liked the service and it is really special to have her there with me. Cam joined us and Janet was surprised he sat still for so long. I don’t think she realizes how grown up Cam is now. In the car she thought Cam was Mike again and then changed his name to Greg. Interesting to see how overwhelmed she can become.

Mary was still at the lunch table when we got back and Amy had hidden Janet’s tray away for safe keeping. She ate all the macaroni and cheese and the soup. She tagged along with me afterward so I could find something to eat and asked to sit in the real chair bedside me while I ate. It was fun having her at the table with no wheelchair. Janet was getting a little tired so I got her into bed for a rest time while I write this update.

Thankful for the day so far and looking forward to an active afternoon.


  1. I’d love to see Janet at a restaurant. Did you guys eat out at all before? It might fire up more memories and create new ones. Perhaps in a while, after she gets used to more puréed food…? Although she’s already drinking coffee!

    Just a thought. 🙂

    1. I’d love to see Janet at a restaurant too. She was at The Wood Fire Bakery recently but couldn’t eat. As soon as she’s cleared for real food we’ll go out somewhere.

  2. Also. I am convinced that the people that work in the kitchen are not actually human, and that they are aliens from Men In Black working in there and they actually speak Klinglish, where everything means the opposite.

    That theory helps me make sense of the constant mishaps.

    So sorry you continue to have difficulties. Soon Janet will move and hopefully this won’t happen at Connect.

    I apologize for wasting precious space in here to say all this meaningless stuff, I’m just truly in disbelief…

    And it was so nice to see you three (Cam too!) this morning. Janet waving goodbye with her cute black mitton, with a big smile and loud voice was TRULY the highlight of my day!!

    1. There’s no explains the food services dept. at all. I’m hopeful Connect will be better. So far I’ve seen people making shortbread and biscotti. Try finding that at KGH.

      You waste no space at all Kiko. In fact your kinda small. 🍤🙊

      Janet was glad to see you today as always. Thanks for being awesome.

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