Our visit home ended too soon as we had to get back to Rehab for dinner. It was really nice hanging out here with no agenda and Janet just being content that she was home. She was even happy to watch from the window as I shoveled snow before we left and thanked me for doing it. Dinner was a surprise because Janet just had soup for lunch and I was thinking the new diet wasn’t in effect on the weekends but she got soup and pureed Shepherd’s Pie tonight. I wasn’t sure how she would react to the pie but she enjoyed the meat part of it and said the potato part was “yucky”. Dinner is for sure her best meal of the day as it always was and she cleaned up everything that was nutritious or close to it.

Not ready to go back to her room Janet chose to go for a walk and did really well Bam Bam’ing to the cafeteria where she snuck up and said hi to Dr. Jones. He had a big smile and some very kind words for her so despite her initial reluctance to approach him she felt pretty good afterwards. When we got to the Royal building elevators I asked her if she wanted to go up and say hi to the nurses on 4B. She said no and drove right by. Minutes later she turned around and went right up to the button and was looking like she wanted to go up. She did and we saw quite a few familiar faces all of which were excited to see her and Janet finally used her loud voice for them.

We walked around a little more then headed back to her room to watch some YouTube as Janet still had quite a bit of energy but was starting to look tired. The best video we watched was a clip from the Charlie Brown Christmas which Janet sang along to a couple of the songs and had a big smile on her face for the really familiar scenes. It was approaching eight o’clock by the time Jason got her on the toilet then into bed and that’s when she really started to fade quickly. Considering she had no nap, went home for the afternoon and had two visitors today she lasted a long time and was quite with it right up until she was laying down in bed. This was a great way to spend the seven month anniversary of her aneurysm with lots of reminders as to just how far she has come in her recovery. Even Dr. Jones said she is surprising a lot of people.

Praying for a restful night and a fun day tomorrow. Also praying for Janet’s table mate, Edna who is not feeling well tonight and will be having some tests to make sure there’s nothing seriously wrong. Thanking Jesus for all that we have been blessed with!

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