Sleepy Saturday

Janet was in a deep peaceful sleep when I arrived this morning and I decided to leave her that way for as long as she wanted. Her nurses had made the same decision earlier as apparently she did not sleep well last night. She woke up around 8:20 with a smile on her face and we had a really nice chat. RJ came in to see how things were and he agreed to Arjo Janet so we could start getting her up. Janet is getting really good at going to the bathroom.

Breakfast was ridiculous again as on Janet’s tray was a yogurt, apple sauce and strawberry Ensure. When I tried to switch the apple sauce and Ensure a very stressed out food services person repeatedly used the excuse that if it’s on the menu that’s what she gets, I can’t change it. Despite the collection of previous menus where it clearly says NO APPLE SAUCE, I was getting no where so offered to go to the kitchen myself to resolve it but Janet said she didn’t really want anything else anyways so that was that. If any of you reading this have any interest in running a large food services operation I know where there’s an opportunity. I may even do it myself when Janet is better.

I gave Janet a good stretch after breakfast and am happy with her right arm and hand. Not so happy with the legs. In fact before finishing the legs I decided just to lay down with her and watch the snow fall. We listened to another Stuart McLean story and just chilled. That’s what weekends are for right?

As we were readying for lunch Kiko arrived for a visit. Janet was happy to see her and it was nice having the extra company at lunch time. Brenda dropped by after lunch and gave Janet an early Christmas present of some new warm socks. We had a nice visit with the two of them and I thank them for their continued love and support.

Janet and I are home for the afternoon enjoying watching the snow while sitting by the fire.

PS: I read this to Janet prior to publishing it and she said “it’s perfect”.

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