Foodie Friday

Janet was in the process of getting washed and dressed as I arrived this morning and was having quite the chuckle with RJ and Caitlyn who were struggling to get her pants on. They told me Janet’s legs were too tight to use the Arjo this morning. I didn’t notice them any tighter than they have been recently but there was no time to try again so I made sure they watched Janet use the sliding board to get into the wheelchair herself. That she can do, tight legs or not. Janet was in a really good mood but hadn’t found her loud voice yet.

I sent Janet off to the breakfast table while Connie and I had a chat. She was please with Janet’s lunchtime eating performance yesterday saying the swallowing was anywhere from four to fourteen seconds and when feeding herself she’d take quarter to half teaspoons at a time. That sounds very accurate and I mentioned how much Janet loved the lentil curry last night. Connie gave me a print out of the menu choices for the next two weeks and as I sat with Janet for breakfast I had her choose each day’s lunch and dinner entre. A bit of a marathon but good that she got to choose. It will be interesting to see what actually shows up and what she likes. Some days only had one choice on the pureed side and it would be something Janet would not like at all so we are sticking with soup on those days. Connie also mentioned she tested Janet the other day using the same test as when she first arrived on rehab. That first time Janet barely scored 1 out of 100. This week, 47.5 out of 100! Gold star! Connie was very pleased and is happy to have a baseline to work from and will obviously pass that on to Connect.

Janet fed herself 90% of breakfast when it finally came at 9:05. I had to send back the Ensure and the thickened milk and ask for a yogurt to go with the pureed fruit. One item that was on her menu but not the tray was butterscotch pudding. Breakfast of champions. Good thing she was in a good mood for eating as we made it to Physio on time and Janet found her loud voice for Moira. I talked to Moira about the tone in Janet’s legs and what nursing had said this morning. She highly doubted Janet would be too tight to Arjo and downplayed the severity of Janet’s tone. That made me feel better. I left them plotting a prank on Rob which Janet was all gung ho for.

Looking forward to a fun afternoon.

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