Shopaholic 2

Coming back to KGH this afternoon I did not even half expect to find Janet in her room and I was right. She was sitting with Mary in front of the TV in the dining area watching curling. She must really hate the idea of having a rest after lunch. Mary was not really watching the curling, she was looking after Janet. She has a little bit of a motherly thing for Janet. Janet’s nurse told me they had left her in her room for a bit and Janet made her own way down to the dining area. She was impressed. I am not surprised at all.

I gave Janet a few choices of things to do and she chose to go to the mall. Thankfully it was not all that busy and I managed to get what I had been trying to find the last couple times plus I helped Janet pick out a calendar for herself as Dr. Miller really wants her to get to know the current day, date and year and she is used to the old school paper calendars so we’ll give that a try. I had Janet participate in the purchases as much as possible and was please she could reach the counters to place items on them to be scanned. She’s not ready to operate the debt machines yet.

Back at Rehab we had time before dinner to open a Christmas card that came in the mail today. Janet is getting better at opening envelopes and enjoyed the greeting from Nash’s groomer. Her name is Janet too. The dinner table was crowded again tonight and the new guy at the table, Todd, is the son of one of our neighbors. She was there visiting him tonight and we had a nice chat about Connect as Dr. Miller is suggesting Todd go there as well. It was reported that Janet did OK at lunch with the pureed quiche but didn’t eat a lot of it. She told me she didn’t like it but I don’t trust that answer so will talk to Connie tomorrow. On her tray tonight was the pureed Lentil Curry. It looked like refried beans which Janet detested before but I made sure to get excited about trying some “real” food and she almost literally inhaled it. She fed herself all but the last couple of bites that I scraped from the edges and I’m sure if she was given another serving she would have eaten that too. It wasnt’ that bad tasting just looked bad. Janet had no problem swallowing or anything and fed herself most of the pureed apricots as well. She didn’t like the chocolate pudding that everyone else was raving about but Janet is a bit of a chocolate snob. A good dinner with a good bunch of people.

I just finished watering Janet in her room when Cathryn popped in to talk about goals for Connect. She spent a lot of time having a conversation with Janet and was further impressed with how Janet’s communication has improved. The goals she has outlined are pretty basic and are all things that are being worked on now in Rehab. I won’t go into specifics here as these goals are fluid and will be reviewed and revised each month at Connect so its not really a big deal now but nice that she discussed them with me. I was concerned that we would have to develop long term goals now but I can see how unrealistic that would be. I told Cathryn I am on board as far as OT and Speech go but want to discuss with her and Dr. McCann the PT side of things. She will try and arrange something for next week. Janet participated well in her part of the discussion and even interrupted to say she had to go to the bathroom. We put her into bed after that and could see her fading as I wrapped up the meeting with Cathryn. She lasted a little longer tonight than previous but I’m still trying to convince her to have that post lunch rest time.

Praying for a restful night and a fun day tomorrow.

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