Today was shower day for Janet and she had just returned to her room when I arrived. She gave me a nice smile as she flew through the air to get back into her wheelchair after getting dressed. For the first time she actually said her shower was fine, usually her response has been “terrible”. We made our way out for breakfast and sat at a very crowded table with Barb, Sharon, Edna, Bev, Jean, and a new lady and a new guy. I had to sit away from the table with Cliff while we waited for the food to arrive and Janet seemed quite happy without me. She kept looking over every once in a while with a smile but was looking at the others as they talked and I want to say maybe would have liked to join in a couple times. Seemed like it anyways. The food took for ever to get out this morning. I don’t see how one person can be expected to build and serve breakfast to the forty or so people there every morning. Because I wasn’t sitting right with her Janet had to feed herself and did very well with the yogurt and fruit and even tried some of the thickened OJ.

After watering her and brushing teeth we had time to give Marlene her happy face lolly pop. Janet really impressed me by reaching out to give it to Marlene as soon as she rolled into her office and after Marlene excitedly took it from her she reached out even further and volunteered a hug. Janet has always been a giver and that was a very special moment that was not rehearsed at all. Marlene said some very meaningful and kind things to Janet and we wished her well in her retirement.

We got down to the gym and I pitched the pool idea to Moira and Robyn but apparently the peg tube has to go before Janet can use the pool at all. I think we are reasonably close to that happening and maybe Janet can come back as an outpatient to do some hydrotherapy. I think she would enjoy that.

Looking forward to an active afternoon.

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