Ready and Waiting

As I walked up to rehab this morning I could see Janet sitting in her wheelchair at the window and for the first time she saw me. So nice to see her big smile! She told me she was waiting for me and she was ready for breakfast so off we went. It was a very full table this morning so I had to stand behind Janet for most of breakfast but that was good as it forced her to feed herself more. There was a new type of yogurt on the tray, Vanilla Activa, which Janet did not like so only ate half. She did eat all the pureed fruit and the prune whip but wanted nothing to do with the strawberry Ensure. I think that stuff is a lost cause now and I told Connie that when she stopped by to discuss the menu options for tomorrow and Friday as Janet gets to try some pureed “real” food. The options were quiche, chili, fish or lentil curry. I chose the quiche and curry and hope Janet tolerates them. I also told Connie about the thin soup last night and she said she’d follow up on that with the kitchen. She is still concerned about Janet’s swallowing but I think it has improved and am really hoping for positive results tomorrow.

Janet and I had a nice chat in her room while I gave her water and stretched her right hand before going to Physio. She was using her loud voice very well and drove her wheelchair much better than yesterday. I reminded her that she had a hard time yesterday because she was so tired. We had a good discussion about the afternoon nap and I can’t wait to see what happens today. Nurse Robyn said that Janet talked a lot to Nicole last night and Nicole was very excited about it as she had not heard Janet talk that much and in complete sentences before. Moira gave Janet some options as to what to do in Physio this morning and she chose to stand at the parallel bars. Good call.

Looking forward to taking a rested and bright Janet to Connect this afternoon.

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