Connect the Dots

The Rebel struck again this afternoon. Janet was not in her room when I got back and I found her in the dining area near the kitchen “waiting for you to come back”. She was all smiles and tried explaining to me that “they never gave me a rest time”. Trina explained that Janet ate a good lunch went to the toilet then insisted she go back in her wheelchair instead of bed. Fearing a repeat of yesterday and noting it was 1:15 already, they put her in her chair and set her free. The upside to it all is we were able to get to Connect sooner than anticipated and Janet really did seem to be in a good mood.

We wandered around Connect on our own for the first ten minutes and I showed Janet the gym, workshop and two of the houses. Jen found us after that and took us through the third house and up to the second floor of each. We met some of the staff and residents including Humberto from 4B and Rehab. He seems quite happy at Connect and that is saying a lot as he actually escaped from KGH twice. Jen spent more than half an hour with us and Janet got a really good look at the place including one of the empty rooms. I re-emphasized the desire for a sunny and bright room and Jen says she has already started working on that and if Janet moves there she will do everything possible to make sure that happens. We met the Occupational Therapist, Brian, who seems very enthusiastic and full of positive energy. I got a quick sense that Janet liked him and will work well with him. We met one resident dog that was a little cautious and grumpy, some kind of little white mutt, and one really nice golden retriever that loved Janet and she seemed to like him a lot too. In front of Jen, Janet said she thought the place was pretty nice. I asked her again in the privacy of the car and she repeated that but broke down when she really thought about moving there. I tried calming her by trying to validate the place but then I remembered Dr. Miller’s advise and changed the subject completely. That worked.

A retirement party for Marlene was wrapping up in the dining area as we got back to Rehab. Quite the nice little shin dig with some good treats. Marlene’s last day is tomorrow and I think she deserves a happy face lolly pop. Dinner was served after we helped put the dining area back together and Janet ate all of her nice warm thick soup and all her fruit as well. She was starting to fade after dinner and did not want to linger too long so we went back to her room where I had her open a Christmas card from Todd the landscaper. Janet was able to read who the card was addressed to and opened the envelope with a minimum of help. I had to read the card to her but she impressed me by remembering who Todd was after I mentioned he was the guy who cut down our cedar hedge. She always liked Todd and he is a very kind guy to send a card.

Janet asked to go to the bathroom which earned her another high five from me and impressed her nurses some more. I gave her ankles, back and right arm a good stretch before getting her dressed for bed then read some of Anne 2 to her and after four pages she was eyes shut. She did last a little longer than yesterday despite the lack of a nap but I’m still telling her she needs that rest time. Nicole is on with her again tonight and is still excited about the conversation she had with Janet last night. Janet asked her why she needs to be turned in bed, why does she have the peg tube and why does she need Heparin (blood thinner). She ended up telling Nicole she wasn’t going to take the Heparin but they also talked about our trip to the mall. Strong signs of improvement. She certainly seems to be connecting more dots together now.

Praying for a restful night that brings full healing to Janet’s legs and right arm, her vision and communication.

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