When I returned to KGH this afternoon I was surprised that Janet was not in bed and especially surprised she was not in her room. I figured she must be with Jessica trying out new wheelchairs so I got changed and went searching. I saw Jessica immediately but she was working with another lady and was too busy to interrupt. I got down to the dining area and there was Janet sitting at the head of her usual table “reading” some magazines. We smiled at each other and exchanged the usual what are you doing, what do you think I’m doing questions and Janet simply said, “I’m waiting for you to get here”. Nurse Robyn stopped by to tell me that Janet was late getting to lunch because Jessica had her trying a new wheelchair. She had lunch but by the time she was finished it was one o’clock. Robyn tried putting Janet to bed but she did not want to go. She finally agreed but five minutes later she set the bed alarm off as she was in full Houdieno mode. Robyn decided then to just get her back up in the wheelchair and put her somewhere they could see her until I got back. Janet was quite happy and perhaps a little pleased she had achieved her goal of not napping but I warned her it would not be good for her later.

Janet was very talkative and loud for the first twenty minutes or so of my arrival then started to fade. I insisted she try and go to the bathroom before we did anything and that turned out to be a good call. By the time she was done there was not enough time to go anywhere before Jessica came by with another new wheelchair so we got ready to Skype Heather. As we were waiting, Mary/Gaga Skyped us. Janet was fairly quiet during the call as the effects of her not napping were starting to kick in. She managed a few loud whispers and also threw her mom and Keith a couple of kisses at the end.

Jessica arrived with the wheelchair she wants to try Janet out in. It’s basically the same frame as her current one with some seat, back and footrest modifications and the whole chair is an inch higher than current. We went for a spin around the unit with me trying to race Janet in the old chair but I could tell she was adjusting to the different position she was in and she was tired so a race would not have been fair. I’m not really impressed with this wheelchair but will give it more time. Jessica hopes to have the one she feels is best, ready for a test drive next week.

After our test drive we were able to Skype Heather and again, Janet was fairly quiet but really trying to talk and is excited Heather will be here in about a week. I showed Janet some pictures of Connect from their blog and read a little to her from their website. I’m not sensing any stress from her on the pending move and have arranged to take her out there for a visit tomorrow afternoon.

Dinner was not that great tonight as Janet was noticeably tired, the soup was too thin so she coughed quite a bit, there were two servings of Ensure, a portion of butter and a banana cream pudding on the tray despite my complaint about that sort of thing earlier in the afternoon. The ‘nutritionist” agreed the pudding is useless other than for added calories, the butter is a waste and the Ensure should not be doubled. Maybe it was too late to change it for dinner today but this is really starting to get to me. Food will be top of my list at Connect tomorrow.

I got Janet into bed right after dinner and we read a little Anne 2. That was really nice as we haven’t done that for a long time. I stretched her legs a little bit but took it easy on her as she had her eyes closed pretty much as soon as I started. Praying for a restful night that brings full healing to her legs and right arm.

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