Pretty Eyes

When I arrived this morning, Janet was sitting at the breakfast table waiting for me. She said she was doing awful and when I asked why she repeatedly said she “had a bowel”. I told her that’s a good thing but then it became apparent that the whole getting up routine was difficult for her. The nurse that helped her this morning came by and casually told me that Janet’s right shoulder is really stiff and it hurts her when you move it and she had a little cry. Duh! This nurse has worked with Janet before and Janet has been in rehab with a sore shoulder for three months now. I don’t think it was a toileting issue that got Janet upset this morning it was a careless nurse that hurt her a little and didn’t do anything to remedy it.

Towards the end of breakfast Janet got a little upset and was very serious about telling me about someone’s eyes. I thought she was saying someone has pretty eyes and I told her she did. Of course she didn’t believe me then I realized she didn’t have her glasses on and that’s what she was trying to tell me. With the nurses getting her up and out of the room I never even thought of the glasses. She was very happy to put them on and I showed her in a mirror how pretty her eyes are. She wasn’t totally buying it but she smiled at least. We were done breakfast before nine, mostly because Janet only ate her yogurt and prune whip. I took advantage of the time to stretch her ankles, legs, right arm and back while she sat on the edge of the bed before we went to the gym. No changes in anything and considering the range I got from her right arm, that nurse must really have heaved on it to get Janet to cry. At the gym I talked to Moira about the goal of walking one day and should we get Janet standing etc. as much as possible. She explained that although Janet has the desire to stand and walk she can only initiate that first push from a sitting position. She has virtually no weight bearing capabilities from a standing position at all. Moira feels Janet is fighting the tone in her legs and that is impeding her muscle control and unless that tone diminishes it’s unlikely Janet will be able to walk. That’s Moira’s take on it and she will bring the issue up in Rounds this morning and I will try and speak with Dr. McCann about it this week as well. No one is giving up yet but since I asked that’s the feedback I got. Moira planned on doing some deep kneeling with Janet this morning as a way of helping Janet get to a standing position.

Looking forward to an active and happy afternoon.

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