I arrived at Janet’s room this afternoon to find her resting in bed for once. She opened her eyes as soon as I walked in and gave me a big smile then talked in a loud voice like never before for a good twenty minutes. Very exciting. I gave her a few options of things to do and she chose to go to the mall. I was still looking for new ski gloves and didn’t think it would be too busy on a Monday afternoon so away we went.

The mall was quite tolerable and we toured around the whole place with Janet seeming quite content the whole time and really observing. In talking to her on this trip it seems like her memories of the mall are coming back a little as she did seem to recognize a few things from the past and she knew where she bought a present for me last year. We struck out on the ski gloves though so we headed over to the ski shop where I got my jacket and pants and found some nice ones there. Again, Janet seemed content to be looking around that brand new store. Kelowna people; I highly recommend it. One Board Shop, and it’s not at the mall!

We got back to KGH in time to be second at the dinner table. Sharon was first as always, then Jean and a new lady, Bev, joined. Janet ate all her soup and fruit in record time and with the least amount of spillage yet. The time saved at dinner allowed us to Skype Laurel and Raj and then have a voice call with Andrew. Janet was reasonably talkative with all and the conversations were more actual conversations than ever before with Janet trying hard to put sentences together instead of just one or two words. I am really encouraged by her communication today. This is probably the loudest she has talked and certainly the most conversationally she’s talked since this all started.

Once again she faded rapidly though and after a goodnight stretch she was very much ready for sleep despite still talking to me in a loud voice. Big smiles!

Praying for continued healing and another day tomorrow as positive as today.

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