Happy Monday

It’s getting to be pretty nice arriving at rehab in the mornings and finding Janet dressed and at the breakfast table. She greeted me with a big smile and was quite happy to be up and getting on with the day. For some reason her breakfast tray came with a cup of apple juice on it. We both laughed at how ridiculous the food service is. Each item the computer spit out on her menu was scribbled out with something else hand written in but she still got apple juice and a portion of butter. ???

Edna and Sharon were at the breakfast table with us and Edna put on a nice walking exhibition. She is doing really well. Janet Bam Bam’d her way back to her room for what I thought would be a little stretch before Physio but by the time I gave her her water and she brushed her teeth and then we changed her shirt after she slobbered toothpaste all over it and then finally brushed her hair, it was time to go. She had a big grin on her face the whole way to the gym and did a good job lifting some weights before Moira and Robyn came over to get her started. I mentioned the tone in Janet’s legs and got a sense that Moira is as perplexed about it as I am. She basically said we should talk to Dr. McCann about it and about the goals moving on to Connect. Her plan for the morning was for Janet to stand at the parallel bars then do some biking. I stayed for the standing part and was impressed at Janet’s eagerness to stand and her comfort and calmness when she was up. She was able to stand quite straight and relax her left arm instead of leaning on it for support like she used to. Her heels were almost touching the surface of the wedge she was standing on and her right arm was very relaxed. Moira still takes 90% of the weight but we all were pleased with how well Janet did especially in getting that initial push off herself. The desire to stand and hopefully walk is still there for Janet and I think I’m going to ask Dr. McCann if we can make a full on effort to get her there with the time remaining at KGH. I don’t know if the tone issue is beatable but seems to me the more Janet uses something the better it gets and seeing her be a very willing participant in standing this morning tells me we really need to go after this rather than waiting for something to happen.

Janet was in a great mood this morning with lots of talking and smiling and a willingness to be active. Praying for an active afternoon.

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  1. ‘go after this rather than waiting for something to happen’ I can’t think of a better description of what I think the approach should be. Well done Larry!

    Really interesting article in the Vancouver Sun today about how stroke recovery patients have improvements on their ‘poor function side’ when they exercise their muscles on their ‘strong side’. Even after 5 or more years. Go Janet Go

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