Once again Janet was dressed and in her wheelchair as I arrived this morning. She greeted me with her big smile and was a little excited it was snowing outside. Breakfast was over in a hurry with Janet eating all her yogurt and prune whip but nothing else. That gave us plenty of time to stretch before going to church.

For the first time in a while I was able to do a full workout on her. We started with her sitting on the edge of the bed for some ankle stretching and that went very well. Next was upper body and back. Her right arm was nice and relaxed but her hand was a little tight. I managed to get some good flexibility in her shoulders and got her back nice and straight. Her legs continue to be very tight to start and I’m going to try and get some clarity on this from the team this week. All in all it was a good stretch and I could tell she was more comfortable afterwards.

Despite Janet insisting she did not have to go to the bathroom I insisted she try and good thing I did. We arrived at Trinity in plenty of time to make sure we got the seats we scoped out yesterday. Turned out to be perfect sight lines for Janet and she really enjoyed the music that took up the first half of the service. She even sang along to The Carol of the Drummer. It was great to have Janet at church and she enjoyed it enough to agree to come back next week to hear Greg Sczebel.

We got back to rehab about 12:45 and Janet said she wanted to have lunch there rather than home but when we got all settled at the table she refused to eat and started crying. Turns out she wanted to come home so we did. This time I got all of our food ready and the dog settled before I started helping Janet eat. She fed herself a lot this time. Messy but good she did it. We watched some of the Seahawks game then Janet got a little uncomfortable so is now resting in bed beside me as I write this. I guess she’s not resting too much though as she started laughing when she saw me with my glasses on. As long as she’s happy.

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