Sleepless on San Michelle

Janet did not or could not take advantage of her opportunity to rest this afternoon. Minutes after I published today’s first update she was complaining to me about not being able to sleep and being uncomfortable. I decided to get her back to her room at rehab thinking the familiarity would be good and that bed is adjustable so maybe she could get comfy there. As soon as I got her into her bed she affirmed she was feeling better and was comfy. She closed her eyes and rested right up until dinner time.

I wasn’t sure she would get up for dinner but her nurse came in and changed her and that seemed to give her a little energy as she immediately started getting up and almost made it all the way herself. She did say once she was up, “that hurt”. When I asked what hurt, she indicated her left hip area so I stretched her legs a little while she sat on the edge of the bed. That seemed to help and she slid easily into the wheelchair and off to dinner we went. Mary was sick today and Sharon and Barb were still out so it was just us and Edna. Janet ate surprisingly well but was still looking tired and when she was done there was no interest in lingering as she took off for her room right away. I took advantage of her low energy to clean and paint her finger nails Christmas red and green then it was off to bed where she was very much ready for sleep. I told her we would not be combining adventures like we did today ever again as she really needs that rest after lunch. She gave me the rolling eyes raised eye brows look but I insisted and I think she understands.

Today was an improved swallowing day and talking day despite the afternoon lull. She was loud and clear in short bursts throughout the day but then would have long periods of no talking at all, especially from dinner onwards. No surprise there really. I was happy with the movement in her legs as far as trying to get out of bed goes but am still concerned about the tone in both of them. Janet seems to be more protective of her right arm today. I went a little fast taking off her jacket this morning and pulled too much so she may have been thinking about that each time I went near it. I hope so because otherwise I think her arm is quite relaxed. I actually got her right hand up on the desk to paint her nails. Progress.

Thankful we were able to attend church together today and praying for a restful night that brings healing to Janet’s legs and restoration of her ability to eat “real food” and speak loud and clear.

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  1. Hang in there Larry, I am sure there are times when you just shake your head in bewilderment.Who wouldn’t! And knowing what kind of man you are,the worse it gets the more it spurs you on. I know that it is totally futile for me to suggest even one day of respite.Anyway, my friend, I send much love and many,many prayers to all
    Your friend Greg.

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