Out to Lunch

Janet was up and in her chair waiting for me again this morning. She said, “they told me you were coming” in a loud voice and had lots of smiles. She was a little upset about some toileting issue but I couldn’t understand it all.

Breakfast went well with Mary, Edna and Jean. Janet was quiet smiley and really listening to the conversation especially when they were talking about her. With a little nurse help I got her dressed up enough to head for the mall and we were there by 9:45 on a beautiful sunny morning. The parking lot was already getting busy so good thing we were there early. By the time I got around to her side of the car Janet had her seatbelt undone and the door open. She was twisting herself in her seat to get ready to shop! Our first and only real stop was Purdy’s for some happy face lolly pops so we were actually finished shopping in ten minutes and Janet surprised me by not really wanting to go anywhere else. I asked her if she’d help me look for new ski gloves and she thought that would be OK. We went to a few different stores along the way and in one of them I said to her “how do I tell what a good glove is”? She said, “ask”. Pretty smart she is. Janet and I both thought it ridiculous that some parents had their kids in line to see Santa at 10:20 when he didn’t even open for business until eleven. We exited before eleven surprisingly. A cheap date she is.

On the way back to KGH I decided to stop at church to scope out a sitting spot for tomorrow. We surprised Joel as he arrived to begin his work day and we were able to distract Dave from his drama rehearsal and we found a good place to sit. A successful mission.

With nothing else planned for the day Janet agreed to come home for lunch. Kiko was already at the hospital so we had a nice little visit with her while we waited for the lunch trays to arrive. Janet had told Joel earlier that “Meagan” made the lap blanket Kiko gave her. I’m not sure who Meagan is but when I reminded Janet later that it was Kiko she said “I wish I would have remembered”. Amy packed Janet’s lunch in a bag for us and we headed home. I thought we would sit and eat at the table together but once I got Janet set up it was hard to leave her to eat on her own so I made sure she finished her lunch before I got mine going. I’ll have to work on that timing. We watched a little So You Think You Can Dance and Janet fairly critiqued a few of the performances. She started to get uncomfortable around 1:30 so I insisted she lay down for a bit. She was more cooperative since it was her own bed. I made the mistake of laying down with her for what I thought would be a few minutes but turned out to be many, hence the late update. Janet actually slept for a little bit and we talked for a nice while too with no pressure to rush off somewhere.

Janet is exploring the house now and approves of my latest rearranging of the family room so it may stay this way for Christmas.

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