Old is New

Janet and I hung out at home till after four then headed back to KGH for dinner. The visit home was quite pleasant. Janet spent a good amount of time exploring, mostly in the kitchen but she also made her way to the front window which is a nice feature of the new family room layout. I quizzed her on the names of some of the objects in the various rooms and was surprised at how many she didn’t know. She’ll have to keep working on that in OT. Janet made a very astute observation without any prompting at all, saying, “it’s hard to get through here. Does it have to be like this”? She was referring to the opening from the kitchen to the hallway and she was stuck in it at the time. For what it’s worth we made a pact after that. We will stay in this house as long as she is at Connect or starts to walk again. If she’s going to be in a wheelchair long term, we will find a house more suitable for a wheelchair.

We arrived back at rehab in time for dinner and Janet ate all of her soup and yogurt. We went for a little inside walk afterwards as Janet had some energy still. I guess because she actually had an afternoon nap. We got to the cafeteria area and she had a little melt down. This one was some of the old Janet I have not seen since this all started. Janet used to go through seasons where her confidence would get a little low and she would even question why I married her. She was talking a little of that subject this evening but I was able to quash it pretty fast. In a way I’m glad to see some of this old Janet but am really glad the new Janet is easily distracted. I’ll mention this one to Dr. Miller just so he knows.

I gave Janet a good stretch after her evening potty break and before I was finished she was eyes closed.

Praying for a restful and healing night and a successful trip to church tomorrow.

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