Early Sleeper

When I got back to Janet’s room this afternoon she was sitting in her wheelchair between the window and her bed. She gave me a nice smile and a big loud “hi” then I asked her what she was doing. She said, “I was waiting for you to come home”. All I could do was smile and say “I’m here”. Everyday there seems to be more and more of this brilliant communication from her. Awesome. On the flip side, the reason she was waiting for me in her wheelchair was she twice refused the nurses suggestion that she lay down and rest for a bit after lunch. Diane said they really tried but she wasn’t having anything to do with that idea and they didn’t want to force her. Good call.

I got changed from my cycling gear and we had a little chat then watched some YouTube. After the third video Janet asked to go to the bathroom. She’s getting better and better at this too! I saw Connie in the hallway and she gave me the run down on the lunch Janet had. Apparently she didn’t much care for the pureed beef stew and even Connie thought it looked unappealing. There is still some concern about Janet’s swallowing and until that gets better Connie is reluctant to change the diet. We will try another pureed entre next Thursday and Friday just to see if there is something Janet will like better. I asked that we try at dinner so I can feed her and Connie agreed. Her Speech session went well with lots of loud voice action and some good self spoken sentences from Janet. Bea dropped by Janet’s room to say goodbye as she was discharged today. Janet gave her a happy face lollypop and Bea pointed out the smile and said it was just like Janet.

Janet went on an exploratory adventure before dinner, we saw Jessica so I was able to ask about the wheelchair. Once again the model she wants to really try was not available today so they tried one similar but Janet was very quick to say it was uncomfortable. Jessica will keep working and once she get’s two comparable models I will take them for a test drive before any final decision is made. The best part about our visit with Jessica was the plate of chocolate chip cookies her and Janet made in their session today. They smell better than they taste but it is pretty cool they made them and Janet seemed quite excited and was happy to give one to Rob who always seems to be lurking about, especially where there is food. After all the cookie excitement I decided to have Janet restart her exploration from her room and she made her way down to the outpatient gym, doing a complete circumnavigation. She tired out ten minutes later so I drove down to the main lobby and started to go to the cancer centre but when I mentioned Christmas decorations Janet said “I don’t care about Christmas decorations”. There’s that attitude again. We went back to her room and I had her try to type things on the iPad. I don’t think her vision is good enough yet but we’ll keep trying as she was not opposed to making an effort.

Dinner was a quiet one with a lot of people gone for the weekend. Janet ate all her soup but nothing else and was fading rapidly. She was happy to go back to her room, have a potty break and get into bed, even with me telling her I was going to stretch her legs for a while. I barely got started and she was eyes shut. The tone in her legs has not diminished at all but with time I was able to get decent results on both legs. Of course by the time I was finished stretching her she popped her eyes open with a big smile that made it very hard to leave her but since she didn’t rest all day I told her she needed to get lots of sleep tonight as I plan on taking her to the mall in the morning. That seemed to motivate her to let me say goodnight.

Praying for continued healing and progress, especially for her legs, right arm and hand as well as her speech.

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