Early Riser

When I arrived this morning, a little before eight, Janet was already sitting at the breakfast table with Sharon waiting for her tray. She acknowledged she was up early and said she slept well. That is a first as usually when asked how she slept the answer is “terrible”. Things continue to get better. Janet thought it was fun to say good morning to everyone as they arrived at the table as usually she’s the last one there. She ate all her yogurt and prune whip and some of the Ensure and applesauce.

Connie stopped by the table to tell me Janet had chosen to try the beef stew for lunch today in a pureed form and she will be there to help and see how she does with it. Janet has been improving as far as her eating abilities go but still gets into a mode where she drools a lot and that is preventing her from advancing up the menu. I told Connie that the dinner time soups have been much thicker than typical and Janet has been doing quite well with them. A good sign.

Moira stopped by the table to tell Janet that her and Jessica would be recording some video of her sessions this morning to present to the IH board regarding her application to Connect. Janet said that would be fine and I promised to have her hair looking nice.

After Janet had finished eating I gave her the last call for the things left on the tray and she shook her head no for each one. I told her she could talk to me instead of shaking her head, she said “no” then said “I have to go to the bathroom”. Beautiful! Amy and Diane helped her through a successful potty break. I made sure her hair was looking good then we headed off to the gym. Janet always denied any real competitiveness prior to becoming sick but deep down I know she liked to be good at things. Today on the way to the gym she passed Mary half way down the hallway and smiled afterwards in a way that said to me “that felt good to blow past her like that”. Just an observation.

Janet was pleased to be at the gym even though she said “I don’t have the energy to play”. I assured her she would get that energy once she got moving. Looking forward to an energetic and bright afternoon.

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