This is a brief update so you all know what a spectacular day Janet is having so far. She was at the breakfast table when I arrived, all showered and looking good. She immediately said “happy birthday” to me with a big smile. That’s the only present I need.

Janet served herself all of her yogurt and half the vanilla Ensure and a little puréed pear. I gave her the med laced whipped prunes and she ate those without complaint.

I had her Bam Ban to the gym and she ended up in the outpatient one first. I asked her if this was her gym. She laughed and said no. We saw Dr. McCann and I was able to tell him Janet’s latest accomplishments. He was pleased. As we rolled into her gym she stopped and said to me, “I forgot my glasses”. Awesome!

I left her chatting to Moira and am treating myself to a few hours of skiing. Looking forward to a bright afternoon.

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