After a fun time skiing with Nick, I returned to find Janet fresh from a successful potty break. Nicole and Jason presented me with a birthday card that “Janet made” while I was away. They made it of course but Janet did sign it with some help from Jason. Nice! We had a brief chat then she agreed to come home with me for a bit so we could let Nash out. Without prompting Janet wheeled herself closer to the chair where her quilt and lap blanket were and put both of them on her lap. I asked her what she was doing and she said “I should probably take both”. Nice planning. As I loaded her into the car I put my keys on the driver’s seat so I had two free hands. After stowing the wheelchair I came around and opened the driver’s door and my keys were gone. I looked up and Janet was holding them out for me. She didn’t want me to sit on them.

Since Janet’s focus at Connect will be on activities of daily living, ADL’s, I had her open the mail and a couple of birthday cards for me. For a one handed women she did extremely well opening envelopes and even getting the cards open to read the inscriptions. I don’t think her vision is good enough to read the fancy fonts in the cards or people’s hand writing but she did get some of the words. I let her explore the house a little bit and she managed to put a kleenex into what she thought was the garbage but was actually the recycling container. Close and a really good effort.

Back at rehab it was time for dinner and Janet ate all her soup, yogurt, pureed peaches and prune whip, feeding herself more than half of it all. Instead of rushing off to her room afterwards she wanted to go for an inside walk so away we went. As we passed Cathryn’s office she came out and walked with us to the cafeteria saying the review board for Janet going to Connect won’t happen next week but the week after. That delay should not delay a possible move over the Christmas break so I am kind of gearing up for that. Cathryn mentioned the team feels Janet is ready in a good way to move on and the increased communication lately is a great sign of progress. Janet drove Bam Bam style into the Royal Building and I took over from there as we stopped to look at as many Christmas decorations as we could find. It was odd to be roaming around the hospital that late but Janet was totally into it. Once back in her room she still wasn’t ready for bed so I gave her a choice of things to do. Drive downtown to see the Christmas lights, go watch TV with Mary and Edna or drive up to the church and watch a little of the band rehearsal. I explained that this was the first rehearsal for Christmas and she would get to hear some Christmas music. Her response was, “woohoo”. Well then. She decided to join Mary and Edna to watch Wheel of Fortune. I was very impressed with Edna’s skill at that game, her and I solved two of the puzzles before the contestants did. I sat Janet fairly close to the TV but a few minutes in she wanted to move farther back. She’s done this with the iPad as well so she seems to see better with things being well out in front of her.

By the end of the show Janet was finally tiring and had stopped talking so I knew it was time for bed. After getting her all ready I asked if I could stretch her legs before I left. She didn’t say anything but held up her left hand with her pointer finger and thumb about an inch apart to say “a little”. Another impressive show of attitude today.

Praying for all the people caring for Janet and those supporting me. Praying for another fun day of progress tomorrow.


  1. Well done Larry and Happy Birthday… Ironically enough… Likely one that you will remember and cherish forever as Janet has helped make it special. Keep going “small but mighty”!

    Have a great birthday Larry! Glad you hit the boards (on snow) and had such a special day with Janet! Welcome to the club!

    Did you wear the Tiara?

    Cheers and love.


    Michael Aiton
    Sales Director – Canada
    Arbor Networks
    Office – 905 842-7539
    Mobile – 416 606-1472
    Please excuse any tyops as this message was sent from my iPhone

  2. 🙂 Wonderful to see such great progress for Janet! A great birthday gift indeed. Happy Birthday Larry!

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