Total Recall

After greeting Janet upon my return this afternoon then having her attempt a potty break, we had a very nice chat. She was very bright and using her loud voice to say some very intelligent things like telling me to move as I sat on the bed when she wanted to get up. She totally shocked me by remembering her brother Mike had visited yesterday along with other significant events from then. It impressed me so much that when I got her into the wheelchair we headed for Dr. Miller’s office so I could tell him about this huge step forward. He graciously spent fifteen minutes with us on a day he’s not usually even in the office. He decided to stay around as he had a meeting later on and said he was really glad he did as he got to see this improvement in Janet. Dr. Miller was very impressed with Janet’s level of awareness, her loud voice and the answers she gave to his questions. She wasn’t always correct but the fact she was engaged in talking to him was stellar. He said that’s the best he’s ever seen her.

We went for an inside walk after our impromptu meeting with Dr. Miller and Janet Bam Bam’d her way to the Royal Building elevators. She for some reason was drifting to the left a lot this time as opposed to the right as usual. I took her up to 4B without asking as I wanted to take advantage of her brightness in hopes she would use her loud voice to say hi to her former nurses. We saw Harvi first and Janet gave her a nice loud whisper hi. At the nurses’ station Amy greeted Janet with major enthusiasm and that attracted the others to the scene. For the first time Janet smiled during the whole visit and managed a pretty decent “nice to see you all” with some prompting. This was the best visit back so far.

Back in her room we watched some YouTube of The Voice then went for dinner, of which Janet ate all her soup and whipped prunes but nothing else. The soup was extra thick tonight and Janet had no problems swallowing it and I think it filled her up quite well. We lingered at the table for quite a while as the conversation was quite lively especially after I asked Mary how old she thinks I am. She said “your at least in your seventies”. Even Janet laughed at that and tried to tell everyone I was fifty five. She always was wishing I was older than her. It was all good fun and we got to say so long to Nick as he left after dinner for his ride home to Trail. He was in rehab when Janet first arrived and was always very kind and friendly. We wish him well.

Before her evening potty break we read a newspaper article I brought in and I then gave Janet a good stretch which felt good to do and I am happy with the results. I said goodnight to a sleepy and very beautiful Janet who continues to get better each and every day.

Thanking Jesus for everything we have been blessed with and praying for a restful, healing night and a tomorrow even better than today.

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