Mary/Gaga and I arrived to a smiley but still in bed Janet this morning. She was quite chatty and using her loud voice really well even asking to go to the bathroom. Jason came in and Arjo’d her in and shortly after, Janet started to cry. I think because she had already gone and couldn’t go anymore. I gave her lots of praise for asking to go and that seemed to help. On the way back to her bed we could see what the other nurse had been scared of with the Arjo. Janet’s right leg was bent up so her foot was not touching the machine at all, flamingoing as Jason calls it. Definitely a result of the tone in her legs. Janet was not uncomfortable at all but it does put a lot of stress on her left leg.

We sat with the usual ladies for breakfast and today is Nina’s last day in rehab. When she said goodbye to Janet it was really cool to see how tuned in Janet was. She nodded her head at appropriate times and even said a few things as well. Really nice. Janet ate well as far as breakfast goes and she had time to brush her teeth and get a drink of water before heading to Physio.

I had a nice chat with Marlene the social worker about Connect and she’s confident Janet will do well there. Mary/Gaga escorted Janet to the gym where she had to wait a few minutes for Moira and Robyn. I had Janet lift a few weights while waiting and she seemed quite proud to show her mom what she can do. It was then time to take Mary/Gaga to the airport for her flight back to Toronto. I missed their goodbye but I know Janet benefited from seeing her mom. If there were any tears they hid them very well. We left Janet with Moira and Robyn and she seemed to be very bright and ready for a strong day.

After dropping Mary/Gaga off for her flight I drove over to Connect to see what it is like in the sunshine. I had a little walk around before running into Jen who kindly showed me around some more. The place looks even better with some sun streaming in and I emphasized again how important that is to Janet. We saw Andy who recently moved there from KGH Rehab and he gave the place a ringing endorsement and seems very happy. There is one building that gets more sun than the others, house C, and Jen thinks there is a bed available there. I was able to meet a couple other staff members as well so I’m really glad I went and am kind of looking forward to seeing how Janet does there.

Thanks Mary/Gaga for your time and efforts with Janet this past week and for your help around the house too, loved the pork tenderloin! Looking forward to a bright afternoon.

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