Still a Busy Girl

Our visit home was pleasant as Janet got to play with Nash and gave him his Scooby Snack afterwards. I tried getting her to give him voice commands but she’s just not loud enough. After she placed the treat in his bowl I had her motion with her left arm and that was enough for Nash to know he could run for the treat. Janet explored the house a little and opened a few cupboards and drawers in the kitchen but her restricted vision hampers her ability to do things like place a frying pan on the stove. Something else to practice at Connect.

It had been a pretty busy day and Janet started to show signs of fading so I let her lay down in her own bed for a while and of course Nash and I had to join her. I gave her legs a little stretch then it was time to go back to KGH. She seemed to have enough energy to get through dinner but coughed a lot so didn’t end up eating all that much. More than half the soup, a little yogurt and a little fruit along with the medicine laced whipped prunes. For some reason there were two portions of Ensure on the tray and Janet was not interested in either. She got anxious to leave the table so I released her brakes and watched her go and for the first time ever she made it from the dining area all the way into her room without any assistance whatsoever! High five! She told me she was going there and then headed for the other end of the dining area. She realized her mistake, got herself turned around and with the exception of needing to clear the vitals machines out of her way made it unimpeded to her room. Big step.

Once in bed Mary/Gaga read some of the Gabby book to Janet and just as the chapter ended her eyes were pretty much closed. A busy and productive day for Janet. Thanks for the visit and lunch Mike. Sorry about the bad timing Heidi and Jack. Praying for a restful and healing night and an exciting day tomorrow.

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  1. Hi Larry; Happy belated birthday!! Wow – it’s very exciting reading your news. Janet seems to have changed a great deal in the past few weeks. Shopping, going to plays, home visits and being very chatty! This news is really a blessing. I continue to think of you both often. Will text you to arrange another visit time. Hellooooo to Janet!

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