Busy Girl

Mary/Gaga and I met a smiley and awake Janet this morning. She made a strong effort at getting herself up from bed and Bam Bam’d her way to the breakfast table where I left her with Mary/Gaga for the morning.

Breakfast went well and just before she found her spot I had her give Nick a happy face lollypop as it was supposed to be his going home day today. Turns out he’ll be with us until Thursday but he was very happy to receive the treat and Janet told him “good luck at home”. Janet handed out more gifts when she got to Physio as it’s Rob’s birthday today. He loved the lollypop and wore the tiara, sorry I wasn’t there so no pictures. For her workout Janet rode the elliptical bike then stood at the parallel bars. Connie reported that Speech went well today and Jessica presented Janet with a large shoe horn. A possible sign of things to come at Connect as that might make it easier for Janet to put on her own shoes.

Uncle Monkey arrived close to eleven o’clock and brought a large smile to Janet’s face. I returned during Janet’s lunch in which she ate all her soup and a good portion of the other things. We all went out with Janet to the Woodfire Grill for our lunch and Janet enjoyed sitting in the sun in the busy restaurant. After a little walk around the neighborhood it was time to say so long to Mike then come home for a little visit.

Looking forward to seeing how Janet does the rest of the day considering she’s had no rest time today.

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