Janet and I had a nice chat after I got back this afternoon. She gave me some of the usual answers describing her day but also offered some legitimate comments as well. She very strongly got herself up from bed, probably the best effort to date and she seemed pretty happy about it. Getting into the wheelchair with the sliding board was a breeze. Cindy the dietician popped in to see how things were going and I’m glad she did as we were able to clarify a few things. There has been some confusion as to how much water Janet should be getting now that she is only getting the one tube feed. The instructions in Janet’s chart are not clear so we simplified it all and agreed to give Janet 120ml of water after each meal including the late night tube feed. We cancelled the afternoon snack as Janet was not eating it anyways and confirmed that Janet continues to gain weight so no further changes are necessary except for trying a pureed entree once a day. That is Connie’s call and I mentioned to Cindy that she talked about doing that so Cindy will email a request to start it as soon as possible.

I asked Robyn to Arjo Janet to the toilet and that turned out to be a good call. The first part of our afternoon outing was a visit to Cathryn’s office as I needed to sign some release papers to start the Connect application. Moira and Jessica will make video recordings of their sessions with Janet and those will be used to demonstrate to the various Boards how Janet is doing. In previous meetings with Cathryn, Janet has been fairly quiet but she was pretty bright and expressive this time. We went back to her room after that and started a game of follow my leader. This was by far her best attempt at finding the gym, she got to within ten meters of Connie’s office and nailed OT and then made it all the way down to the elevator with a minimum of assistance. High five!

It was a little early for dinner but Janet said she was ready so to the table we went and she really was ready as she ate all her soup, all her fruit, half the Ensure and some of the pudding. Half of all that she served herself. High five. She was quick to return to her room afterwards and was concerned about buses outside her window. There weren’t any which I guess is good as she might have wanted to get on one? Don’t know. We watched a little YouTube including some clips from Mrs. Doubtfire, a favorite of Janet’s. Not much of a reaction other than a few smiles. Robyn and another nurse Arjo’d her before bed and Janet told me while on the toilet that “I just want this to be over”. I think she was referring to sitting on the toilet as once she was sitting bedside she was fine. We had another nice little chat time then I cut her right hand finger nails as Jessica had requested. I was impressed with how relaxed her right arm and shoulder and hand were all afternoon. Made the manicure much easier. I offered to paint those nails green and red for Christmas but she declined.

I said goodnight to a smiley Janet and am praying for a restful night and a fun day of progress tomorrow.

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