Update from Laurel:

Mom was still asleep when I arrived this morning, which I wasn’t surprised to see after having had such a busy day yesterday. She slowly awoke and was relatively chatty and smiley, giving a “yes” and a little smile when I asked her if she remembered going to the play yesterday. After she was cleaned up we headed out for breakfast. Mom did a pretty good job, eating all of her yogurt and her applesauce. Mary seemed particularly fascinated by Mom this morning, appearing very excited that they both had the same yogurt and trying to match Mom bite for bite as they ate it. She seems to have a soft spot for Mom, as the other day Nina told me that Mary had been telling everyone to “make sure to save a seat for Janet.” Mom seemed to be hungry today, as she did even better at lunch, eating all of her soup and almost all of her yogurt, strawberry ensure, and apricots.

We spent most of the day having a good stretch, watching some Youtube, listening to some Christmas music, and having a few chats. She wasn’t her loudest or her most clear today, but was definitely trying to make an effort to talk often. She had an emotional outburst at one point, becoming very teary and again saying that “it doesn’t make sense.” However, when I tried to clarify whether or not she understood why she was in the hospital, it seemed as if she did understand and she was able to say that what she was sad about was that she “didn’t want this to happen.”

It was a struggle to convince Mom to get back in bed for her mid-day rest before I left today, but once she did she seemed quite comfortable and relaxed. I joked about her “Houdieno” nickname and when I mentioned that it was Allan who had coined the nickname she said “He’s a pretty funny guy to have around.” Very true. Overall, a great weekend with Mom, with some more progress being seen since the last time I was here. Sad to be heading back to Calgary today but looking forward to being back in just a few weeks to spend Christmas with her.

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