After a very enjoyable first half of the day skiing I drove with Laurel and Nash to see Janet on the way to taking Laurel to the airport. She was in bed listening to her mom read to her and seemed quite content. Nash brought a smile to her face as well as some slobber (his). Apparently Janet had had another meltdown and one of her nurses seemed concerned about her being “inconsolable”. Janet has been asking “why” a little more lately and I think it’s good she is coming to this level of awareness I just wish she could remember the story as she’s been told or anything short term for that matter. I asked her how her day was and once again the answer was “terrible”. Did you have breakfast, “no”, did you have lunch, “no”, what did you do today, “nothing”. All stock answers for Janet. On the other hand when I asked her if she knew what I did today she said, “you had lunch with what’s his name”. When I asked who, she started saying a name that started with N and that is right. I did have lunch with Nick today, we were skiing and that’s the answer I really wanted but I’ll take the lunch answer as at least that came from her and was in the ballpark.

We Skyped Leslie just as two nurses appeared in the room with one of them talking to me about having problems Arjo’ing Janet this morning and the other playing with Nash. Thanks for your patience Leslie. Janet was reactive but quiet during the call, talking in a whisper but was engaged the first ten minutes or so then Laurel and I had to head for the airport and I’m told Janet faded a little after that. The challenge with the Arjo this morning was due to it being first thing in the morning and Janet does take a while to loosen up. I’ll mention it to Moira in the morning.

Mary/Gaga and Janet had a pleasant evening together, reading, chatting and playing catch. Dinner went well with Janet eating all her soup and a good portion of the Ensure and all the whipped prunes. There was no other fruit on the tray which is weird. I returned to give Janet a stretch and take Mary/Gaga home and found them waiting for me by the front door. Janet was quite smiley and seemed happy to talk but only in a whisper. After a while we got Janet into bed and stretched. Her legs were pretty tight and she lost energy pretty fast so that by thirty minutes later she was eyes closed. After we said goodnight though she started a little Houdieno action so my parting words to her were “no escaping”.

Speaking of words, today’s word of the day is fiduciary. Nick was quite pleased today when I all I could come up with for a definition was that it’s a legal term. After he told me the definition I remembered it is a pretty cool word. Check it out.

Thanking Laurel for her help this weekend. Thanking you carolers again. Thanking Jesus for all we have been blessed with and praying for full and complete healing for Janet.


  1. Laurel, I realized I gave everyone a hug but you on Saturday and I’m sooo sad! Thanks for coming to help your mom and I’m sending you a virtual hug right now!!


    Kiko 🙂

  2. It was great to see you singing carols with us Janet! I’m pretty sure you only had eyes for Jack though! 🙂 See you soon. ~Brenda

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