Rockin’ Tale of Snow White

Quite the active day for Janet. This morning’s Christmas carolers were great. Thanks Heidi, Jack, Veronica, Abrielle, Nick, Brenda A., Allison N., Allison C., Brenda C. and a specially large thanks to Kiko for organizing it all! You all brought major Christmas cheer to KGH rehab.
Trinity Carolers

Janet has had a pretty good appetite today which is good seeing as how busy she was. After the carolers were done it was lunch time and Janet for whatever reason decided to sit at a different table than the usual. We sat with three guys, two of which are in the room next door to Janet so I’m going to have to keep an eye on them. We all had cafeteria food as Janet ate her lunch. I got her changed and ready for a car ride downtown to the Kelowna Community Theatre for the Theatre Kelowna production of Rockin’ Tale of Snow White. I figured it was time to see if Janet could handle going out to a play or something like we used to do and since this was something light and fun it seemed like a good one to try. It also helped that our friend Candice played a leading role. We got to the theatre on time and I sensed Janet was excited to see what would happen as she had a little smile on her face as soon as we got into the car. I felt a little sad when the first opportunity to applaud came and Janet had her left hand out in front of her trying to clap it on something. For the rest of the performance I let her hit my hand with hers so she could applaud. There was one song in the first act that Janet must’ve recognized as she was moving her head to the beat and mouthing some of the words. She did get a little restless with about ten minutes left in the show but all in all I think really enjoyed the outing especially getting to meet the Evil Queen, aka Candice.
Evil Queen Candice

Back in her room we gave Janet a chance to lay down for a few minutes before dinner. Her rest time was interrupted by a goofy nurse that felt a need to clean her peg site. No consideration for how Janet’s day had gone, just had to do that now to get it off her list. Weekends!

Janet ate most of her soup but nothing else as she was clearly worn out. The nurses were amazingly slow bringing the evening meds around and Janet had to sit and wait for quite a while and then put up with a crazy nurse trying to cram drug laced whipped prunes into her mouth. As Janet burst into tears Laurel told the nurse she would give her the rest of it in her room. Weekends!

As expected Janet was ready for sleep as soon as she hit the pillow after a very full and interesting day. Thanks again to all that helped make it happen. Praying for a good night’s sleep for Janet and a happy day tomorrow.

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