Update from Laurel:

I returned this afternoon to a very chatty Mom. Chatting quite loud and quite clear, in fact. She was lying in bed but when I asked her if she had been able to have a nap she did a little eye roll and quickly assured me she that she “never” does. (Very typical Mom.) I let her know that Storm would likely be coming by to visit soon, and she very quickly assured me that “he already came by.” I was quite impressed that she not only remembered that but that she was also able to correct me. We used a new “sliding board” to transfer Mom from the bed to her wheelchair, and she caught on very quickly and we were quite easily able to get her into her wheelchair with almost no help from me. Nice new gadget.

We spent the afternoon chatting a lot, and I am so impressed with how much louder and clearer her speech is, as compared to when I visited three weeks ago. We went for a walk and she appeared to enjoy looking through the gift shop. We joined Nina, Barb, and Mary for dinner, and Mom did a good job eating all of her soup and a good portion of her pureed fruit. Nina innocently commented on how she would have enjoyed a pudding after her meal, and when Barb offered Nina her own pudding it looked as if Nina was about to cry. Life’s simple pleasures I suppose…

After dinner the nurses got Mom into her gown and snuggled very cozily into her bed. Too cozy, I suppose, as her eyes very quickly started to close. I asked Mom if it would be better if I left so that she could sleep or if I could just stay and chat to her for a little, and she responded “stay and chat” and just rested and smiled as I told her some stories. Looking forward to what tomorrow will bring.

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