Breakfast with Mary

Janet was dressed and sitting at the breakfast table all bright and cheery as I dropped Mary/Gaga off for the morning shift today. The usual gang was soon to join her but somewhere along the way Janet got sad, had a little cry and did not eat very much breakfast. I’d like to think it was because I left but I’m sure there is more to it than that.

The morning therapy sessions went off with mixed reviews. Moira and Robyn worked on Janet’s right arm and shoulder then had her doing some leg exercises on the table mat after that. Janet did not want to go to Speech this morning and when Mary/Gaga informed Connie of this she correctly made a change in the plan to make it more fun for Janet. By the time she got to OT with Jessica she was getting tired so that session was simplified as well. Getting a brief second wind, Janet ate a good lunch and was excited to see Laurel (and me I think).

Laurel and I went for a tour of Connect and came away with a pretty positive impression of the place. Our host was the only RN on staff, Jen, and she seemed nice and knowledgeable. The facility is very homey and clean and had a nice feel to it with lots of open areas and modern decor. I feel Janet would be comfortable there and would be able to progress in her recovery. I still want to ensure she moves there only when the time is right for her.

The three of us followed Janet back to her room after lunch with hopes we could test her on using a sliding board to transfer herself from bed to chair but she was worn out from the morning so we left her alone for a little rest time. Laurel will get her going again for the afternoon shift.


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