Mommy Time

Mary/Gaga spent the morning with Janet taking her to her various therapy sessions and helping with lunch. Moira got Janet up on the tilt table and Robyn and Janet played catch while Janet sat on a balancing cushion. Kind of a training wheels version of a stability ball. Janet got a little frustrated in Speech with Connie but also managed some good out loud talking. OT was expanded today as Jessica Arjo’d Janet onto the toilet before their session started. It’s nice that she is willing to spend some extra time with Janet. The actual session was held in Janet’s room and involved flash cards and writing the day and date on the whiteboard. Seems like Janet did fairly well with all of that.

I arrived just before one to find Janet still eating lunch with the gang. I have not been around for lunch much but have heard Janet usually eats fairly well but she did not today. Too excited to have her mom there I guess. We got Janet onto her bed for a little rest time and took a break ourselves.

Jessica and I had a chat later on about the wheelchair situation. She would like to get something going for Janet while she is still in rehab as Connect doesn’t have the same resources. I’m waiting for instructions from my extended healthcare plan then we will go shopping. Janet and I had a nice chat followed by an emotional outburst that seemed like she was trying to figure out why she was in hospital again. I couldn’t understand her exactly so I didn’t get into the story as I want her to realize she can’t be understood when she is whispering and crying at the same time. She dried up her tears pretty quick and got up to have a little ankle stretch, a good right arm workout and a little standing. She did better with finding the gym during our game of follow my leader but still crashes into some walls and gets a little disoriented sometimes. I left her as first one at the dinner table to go bring Mary/Gaga back for the evening shift. Janet’s table mates were confused as to who Mary/Gaga is so she wore a name sign when she got back so they would all know without asking. That got a real good laugh and if Mary/Gaga wasn’t accepted into the group before she sure is now.

Janet ate well at dinner and enjoyed hanging with her mom. She was still quite bright when I arrived at 7:30 and it wasn’t until 8:15 that we said goodnight. Praying for a restful and healing night and an exciting day tomorrow.

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