Mary Gaga

Mary/Gaga and I arrived at Janet’s room this morning to find Janet still in the shower and that gave us a good opportunity to surprise Janet. I showed Mary/Gaga around the unit a little bit then asked her to sit in the dining area and I would guide Janet out when she is ready and they could have a “surprise” greeting. Janet was all smiles as her nurses finished getting her dressed after her shower and despite her saying it was “terrible” she was nice and clean and looking pretty bright. After priming her up Jason style I let her Bam Bam out to the dining area. When she saw her mom her eyes lit right up and a huge smile came to her face and she wrapped her left arm around Mary/Gaga for a nice hug.

With Janet’s shower being so late it actually worked out for the best as Sharon was done her breakfast and opened up her spot at the table for Janet. Mary, Edna (whose middle name is Mary), Bea, Nina and Joan were all there and Janet ate all her yogurt and Ensure along with a few bites of apple sauce. I think she was particularly obedient this morning with her mom feeding her. She may have eaten more of the apple sauce but it was time to get to Physio and with a little guidance from her mom and I she made to the gym on time. Rob got a big smile and Moira got a very important statement that we couldn’t quite hear but after a throat clearing and a swallow Janet managed to say out loud “it’s good to be in control”. That was a shortened version of her original statement that we never got the details of. I left the ladies to the morning routine so I could catch up on things around the house and am looking forward to hearing how it all went.

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