Do Re Me Fa

Sorry about that earlier post, Brightness. For some reason it didn’t publish. Here is tonight’s.

I returned to a very smiley and chatty Janet this afternoon and she talked using her loud voice for quite a while. I finally got a chance to tell her I got her some funky colors of nail polish when I went shopping today. She was quite excited to have me paint hers yellow right away. I really should be wearing my glasses for such endeavors but I think they turned out alright. Bright for sure.

Once the nails were dry we headed out for a game of Follow My Leader. We met Moira and Robyn in the hallway and they asked if I had heard about Janet singing this morning. Apparently Rob started singing Do Re Me Fa from The Sound of Music and Janet joined right in in full voice. I can totally see her doing that as she loves that movie and sang along each time we watched it. Moira also told me about a bandage on Janet’s knee. I had noticed it earlier and asked Janet about it but she said something about a ball so I thought she was rambling. I was wrong. Moira puts a ball between Janet’s knees while she’s on the NuStep and I guess it chaffed her skin a little bit. Janet telling me that is probably the first time she’s pulled something out of the memory bank like that. Cool.

Our game ended back in Janet’s room and I’ll call it reasonably successful. Janet sure does try and figure things out as she goes along but is still quite neglectful of the right side. We watched some YouTube before dinner and I managed to find a clip from the Sound of Music and to my amazement Janet started singing and smiling and moving her head to the music as soon as it started. She even knew the words in advance. Very cool.

Dinner was with all the usual suspects plus Mary’s granddaughter and her two sons so it was a little squishy but Janet all of everything except the Ensure. Afterwards she had a lot more energy than usual and headed away from the table on her own. First stop was the nurses station window where someone asked her if she needed help. She looked so cute sitting there all by herself “talking” to someone. She quickly moved on and reached the outside doors. I said to Edna, “she won’t go outside it’s too cold”. Wrong again. The automatic doors opened and out she went. There is a manual door before you actually get outside and Janet stared at the handicap button to open it but didn’t try and when the inside doors opened she came back inside. I let her roam around a little more before asking her where she was going. She smiled and laughed when she saw me and said “I’m trying to find my library place”. I thought for sure she meant the desk in her room where all her books are so I pointed her towards her room and coached her up to the desk but she said that wasn’t it. Never did figure out what she was after but we had a fun time with her late night energy including a little wheelchair dancing.

Janet finally started to wear out and I helped her through the going to bed routine then said goodnight. Praying for a restful night and an aware and loud Janet for tomorrow.

One comment

  1. Do is for donuts for that song in Japanese…and Canadians think we eat so healthy…hahaha ya right.

    Thanks for the awesome update Larry 🙂

    PS. Thought I posted this comment before and it didn’t post…?

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