Jen had gotten Janet dressed and out for breakfast by the time I arrived this morning and she greeted me with a massive smile when I got to her table. She truly seems like a different person these last few days. Way brighter and chattier. Breakfast was with Mary, Edna, Bea, Sharon, Wade and Nina. Janet didn’t contribute to the conversation but once I put her glasses on her she seemed to tune in more, acknowledging she could see Edna across the table now. I asked her if she was hungry and instead of the customary no, she said “maybe”. It was more like definitely as she ate everything except for one quarter of the strawberry Ensure and she took a little less time to do it too.

We had time for a little chat and some arm stretching before heading to the gym where we played catch while waiting for Moira and Robyn. Their plan was to work on Janet’s legs and Moira even commented on how much brighter Janet looks. Janet was all smiles and talking in a loud voice as I left to run some errands.

Looking forward to a bright afternoon.

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