Jason and Jen were still getting Janet ready as I arrived this morning so once again I gave Jason space to do his thing. He was unimpressed that I left the same clothes out for Janet to wear that she had on yesterday. I know that rule but he’s not the one doing laundry. Jason left the hair for me to do and the challenge was on, good thing I found that spray bottle. Janet looked very bright and smiley this morning and when we wheeled out to the breakfast table I had her ask Jason “how is my hair?” I passed the test. Phew!

We sat with Mary, Edna, Bea, Sharon and Nina this morning and all were quite chatty. Janet was very smiley and looking like she wanted to join the conversation a lot. She ate all her yogurt, most of the pureed peaches, half the strawberry Ensure and even some thickened orange juice. She was raring to go by 9:10 so I set her free and said we needed to go to her room then to the gym. She was a little confused trying to get back to her room but laughed about it then did quite well getting down to the gym once she got started. I knew Moira and Robyn would be late from Rounds so I had Janet lift some weights. In a nice pro active move Moira and Robyn came in and got Janet on the NuStep (elliptical bike machine) so she could do something while she waited. They went back to the meeting and I watched Janet workout. She was very determined as she pedaled and pumped away for fifteen minutes. Rob came over and teased her about her frowney face and she changed it to a smile pretty quick. When Rounds were done Moira and Robyn got Janet onto a table to do some sitting and scooching exercises.

Janet sure does get a lot of celebrity type attention when she is out and about. So many people make a fuss over her and she really seems to enjoy it. Some call her a princess and I hope she doesn’t start believing that. Looking forward to an active afternoon.

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