When I got back to Janet’s room this afternoon she was all snuggled up in bed with a big grin on her face. She noticed I was wearing my cycling gear and said “you ride your bike”. That led into a pretty reasonable conversation as Janet continues to improve her speech dramatically. She still needs to work on the volume but the quality of words being put together is getting better and better. Our talk led to her having a little melt down about her vision. I had asked her who she sat with at breakfast and lunch today then listed all the names. She acknowledged them all but then started crying saying “I can’t see anybody”. I decided to test that theory and gave her a series of sight tests which resulted in me believing her vision is actually getting better and her glasses do help her to see anything that’s more than ten feet away from her. She seemed pleased that we “solved” that problem and I promised to mention it to Dr. McCann. I did a little stretching on her legs to give her brain a rest then got her hair, makeup (face wash) and wardrobe done so she could Skype her mom.

Looking intelligently gorgeous Janet had by far the most conversational Skype call I’ve witnessed giving her mom out loud answers to questions and even commenting a few times all on her own. She was totally engaged the entire time and in a way not seen by me before. Much more aware. She assured Mary/Gaga that I will pick her up from the airport tomorrow night as “he’s done it many times before and knows the way.” After the Skype session I asked Janet if she needed to go to the bathroom and she said “probably.” Jason and Faith Arjo’d her in and Janet was successful again!

Our walk took the form of another game of follow my leader but Janet must have been tiring as she did not go nearly as fast and by the time we left the gym she was hitting more walls than air so I took over and we went for a short inside walk. Dr. McCann saw us in the hall just before that and Janet gave him a nice smile as she Bam Bam’d along. I mentioned the vision thing to him and he still thinks it’s too soon for an actual eye exam but will give it some thought. We also saw Amy from 4B and she was very excited to see Janet and has “heard nothing but good things” about her. Jacquie gives frequent updates on Janet in her morning meeting with all the nurses so everyone is following Janet’s progress. Janet didn’t seem to remember Amy but was pleased by the attention.

For dinner we tried something different and sat with Nick and Steve at the other end of the room. Seemed to work just fine as Janet ate all her soup, all her pureed peaches, all her whipped prunes, half her strawberry Ensure and a little of the vanilla Ensure and even a little banana cream pudding. All in record time. Nick and Steve aren’t as chatty as the women Janet usually sits with and they are very good eaters so she may have been inspired by that or just really hungry. We may try a similar tactic tomorrow to see.

I read some of Anne 2 to Janet at the desk in her room after she had a little after dinner cruise around the unit. I asked her a few times during the read if she needed to go to the bathroom and about fifteen minutes in got a yes. Success again! We finished the chapter in bed and had another nice conversation with Janet staying surprisingly smiley and bright until after 7:30. She faded rapidly after that even saying “I’d rather go to sleep” when I asked if she wanted to sleep or watch videos.

Praying for restoration of the use of Janet’s right arm and full healing of her legs and thanking Jesus for Janet’s amazing recovery so far.

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