Royal Treatment

I was not allowed into Janet’s room when I arrived this morning as Jason was all in a tizzy that “she’s not quite ready yet”. “He” and Faith were still getting her dressed and I know Jason has so much fun dolling Janet up I stayed out of the way to allow him to play. When Jason gave the all clear Janet was in her wheelchair with the neatest hairdo since Chelsea last cut it and gave me a huge smile while shooting Jason a look of thanks. I asked him later what his secret for taming Janet’s hair is and he said “water”. I found a spray bottle at home and will be trying my luck this afternoon.

Breakfast was a success this morning sitting with Mary, Edna and Sylvia. Janet once again said she wasn’t hungry but ate all her yogurt, most of the vanilla Ensure and half the apple sauce. She ate very slowly but she is starting to swallow better on command. She did have a few things to say out loud this morning and even more in a whisper and I told Connie to expect some improvement today as Janet has been talking more and more the last few days. Janet drove Bam Bam style to the gym and found it much easier this time. As soon as I asked her if the big gym she first went to was the one she goes to she back out and headed for the correct hallway. I told Moira and Robyn about Janet’s resurgent interest in standing and the increased mobility of her right leg. The plan was to have Janet walk using the ceiling lift and parallel bars.

Cathryn met with me this morning to discuss Connect and has arranged for a meeting and tour out there on Friday. She tried to assure me that although Janet would not be seeing a licensed therapist on a daily basis like she is now, Care Aids would be working with her daily to execute the plan as laid out by each therapist. It all sounds fine but I want to see it myself before I give any consent. Cathryn feels it’s best to start the application process sooner rather than later so that when it is the right time to move Janet there everything is ready to go. Makes sense but I made it clear I am not interested in sending Janet anywhere until she is no longer benefiting fully from the care she is getting at KGH. Cathryn agreed.

Looking forward to lots of talking this afternoon.

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