Mr. Hankey

Janet was very much awake when I returned this afternoon and thought she was pretty funny “mooning” the window as she lay on her side with her pants pulled down. After a little sitting workout we played “follow my leader”. She was the leader and I asked her to take me to various spots around the unit. She did really well driving Bam Bam style and even made a spectacular hard brake application with her foot as she sped down a little hill towards a guy in his wheelchair. She found the gym on the second try, Connie’s office right away and OT with a little help. The dining room was easy but she shot way past her room again.

After a little break and a failed attempt to get her to do some vocal exercises we headed out for a walk but just as we were leaving, Faith came into the room to ask if Janet needed changing. I said no but asked if she would put Janet on the toilet to see if she needed to go. Apparently I need to ask as we can’t “order” the nurses to use the Arjo. Surprisingly Faith agreed without hesitation. Jason came to help and they used the Arjo to get Janet from her wheelchair to the toilet and left her in some privacy for a bit with the tap running. It worked! Janet peed and everyone was happy. We went on our walk with me driving just to give her a break and change of scenery. She seemed to enjoy the few Christmas decorations we saw and there is a very nice painting in the Cancer Centre lobby that we both liked.

Dinner was early tonight for some reason and Mary had two spots saved for Janet so she could choose which one she wanted. Barb, Bea, Sharon and Nina also were at the table and the conversation was quite lively and I could tell Janet enjoyed it all. She enjoyed her dinner too, eating all the large portion of soup, most of her yogurt and Ensure and a little pudding and apple sauce. When she was done she headed out on her own as we all watched where she would go. She stopped and looked at the phone book on a little desk outside the nurses station. She always did like historical artifacts. She then turned back and looked at me like “aren’t you coming?” I got up to her and asked where she was going and she just smiled and headed off and for the very first time she Bam Bam’d directly into her room with no assistance from me at all. High five!

I offered her a few choices of activities for the evening and Janet chose to read but wanted to do so at her desk and after five minutes or so she was getting a little uncomfortable. I asked her if she would be more comfortable in bed and she said “probably not”. I got a sense she maybe needed to go to the bathroom so asked her that. She said “maybe so”. I asked Faith and Jason if they would Arjo her again and they came right in. I checked on Janet after a few minutes and she got upset, saying “I can’t go”. It was said in a way that meant I want to and have to but can’t so I got Jason and Faith and they checked Janet and I could hear Jason coaching Janet like she was giving birth. And then the big announcement from Jason. “Congratulations! Twins!” Janet came out of the bathroom with a big smile on her face and a much more relaxed demeanor as we all praised her accomplishment. It’s not just the fact she went that is cool it’s more that she was able to communicate the need to go. Massive step forward.

After finishing the chapter of Anne 2 we had started before the bio break we had a really nice talk with Janet using lots of loud voice and saying things totally on her own. Very thoughtful and insightful things too. I told her how happy I am with her progress and she seemed genuinely pleased herself. Praying for a good rest tonight and lots more learning and excitement tomorrow.

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