It’s so nice to be back and be able to be with Janet again. She greeted me with a big smile this morning and was in her chair, dressed and ready to go to breakfast. I got some loud voice from her right away and she was looking really nice and bright. We sat with Mary, Edna and Sylvia for breakfast and despite saying she was not hungry Janet ate all her yogurt, half the Ensure and half the apple sauce. She was very smiley with her table mates and even spoke out loud a couple times. After breakfast I let her wander around the unit a little before we went back to her room for a stretching session. I was quite impressed with the results we got and very happy to see significant movement from her right leg. I noticed it last night as she pulled it closer to her to untie her shoe then today’s moves were just as strong. Nice improvement.

After the stretch we had time to do a little exploring before lunch and we visited Barb who is staying in Janet’s old room so we got to sit in the sun window for a few minutes. Barb and her husband Cliff both commented on Janet’s progress and also on how helpful and caring people are at KGH rehab, patients and staff. They have been humbled and impressed by peoples’ love for one another and agree that Leo is a true Angel.

Lunch was at the same table as breakfast with the addition of Nick and a very smiley Janet ate all her soup, half the pureed apricots and to Nick’s disappointment all of her chocolate pudding. We agreed afterwards that I would ride home and get the car and take Janet back there to visit more with Heather and also see Brittney and Ethan.

It’s been a very exciting day so far as Janet seems so much brighter to me and I don’t think it’s just because I was away for a day. Looking forward to having her at home to meet Ethan.

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