When I got back to pick Janet up she had both feet over the edge of the bed and was looking at me like “I’m ready, let’s go”. So after bundling her up we got into the car and sped off for home. To take advantage of the sunshine the first activity was a walk around the neighborhood and while we waited for Heather and Brittney to get ready to join us I brought Ethan out to meet his Step Grandmother (long story). Janet had a massive smile on her face and instinctively reached out to hold Ethan as I approached and being the easy going little guy that he is he welcomed her touch and was quiet happy standing then sitting on Janet’s lap while she continually smiled at him and me. Janet spoke a few words of hello and could not take her eyes or hands off of Ethan for the more than five minutes they had alone. The only distraction was a slightly jealous Nash.

Heather and Brittney joined us for a nice sunny walk around the block with Janet driving Nash very strictly. There were a couple of times when she had to pull him back onto the correct path and she did so without hesitating. We ended our walk with a stop at Barb and Gary’s so Janet could say hi and they could meet Ethan. Smiles all around. Inside the house Janet sat on the couch most of the time and visited with Ethan and jealous Nash. Ethan definitely got the most attention this afternoon and I even noticed myself watching and playing with him more than looking after Janet. She still seemed happy with the outing and Heather and I took her back in time for dinner.

Dinner was Heather’s last mom time for this visit and she reported that Janet ate pretty much all her soup and decent amounts of the other items on the tray save for the Ensure. I think she’s getting a little bored with that one. I arrived around seven and Janet was in her gown and all snuggled into bed smiling at me with rosy red cheeks. Heather was reading to her but it was time for the goodbye so after confirming her flight status I said goodnight to Janet and left Heather to do the same knowing it would be teary.

Thank you Heather for making a difficult few days easier for me by looking after your mom. I know the time spent with you helped her and I can see an increase in her awareness since I returned. Praying for a safe flight home and hoping you can stay awake for your workday tomorrow! Praying for a restful and healing night for Janet and a day full of excitement and talking tomorrow.


  1. Absolutely LOVE that photo!

    Huge thanks to Heather for all of her time spent with Mom this weekend. And thanks to Brittney and of course little Ethan for their visit with her, too!

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