This post brought to you by Heather

Mom woke up this afternoon after a short nap in order to talk to Aunt Leslie. Mom was pretty quiet but managed to tell Leslie she loved her.

After her chat with her sister, Mom and I did some sitting. Mom tried to stand and I told her she couldn’t, at which point she started to cry and said “Why does it matter if I stand” After that it took her a while to calm down, but eventually we read a bit more about Narnia and then Mom rested a little more.

Off to dinner we went and Mom ate all of a big bowl of what looked like cream of broccoli soup and then had half of her pureed apricots. After dinner Mom and I watched some youtube clips, chatted and waited around for Larry. When Larry showed up Mom broke into the biggest grin I have ever seen from her. She gave him a big hug and managed to use her loud voice to answer most of his questions. Larry helped her stretch and did a bit of standing exercises before we tucked her and headed home for some sushi and a visit with Ethan.

I have to say I was so moved watching Mom and Larry interact. Mom’s whole demeanor changed when Larry came in and I was so reassured seeing how much they loved each other. For those of you who knew my Mom before the aneurysm, you know she wasn’t the most emotive person; one of the blessings that has come with the injury is seeing Mom being so much more expressive, and that is most true when it comes to her with Larry.

I am sad that tomorrow will be my last day with Mom until late December. I am looking forward to an expressive day with Mom, and know that I am leaving her in the best possible care with Larry.

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