This post brought to you by Heather

Mom was still asleep when I showed up at KGH this morning. I woke her up and then the nurses came to get her ready after 8. Once Mom was in her chair we went out for breakky with Leo, Mary, Edna (who I had mistakenly thought was named Denise). Mom fed herself a couple of bites of porridge and then I took over. Mom had a few bites of ensure, one quarter of her porridge and all of her yogurt. She also had several spoonfuls of thickened orange juice.

We had some time after breakfast and I could tell Mom was upset by the nurse giving her her meds so we went back in the room and she had a little cry. After a while nothing was helping her stop so I panicked and told her, jokingly, that if she didn’t stop I was going to fart in her face. That got a good chuckle out of mMom, and with her spirits lifted we did her hair, brushed her teeth and headed off to Physio.

Mom got lots of compliments at Physio on her newly styled hair and her scarf… Larry I am going to have to teach you a thing or two when you get back about women’s fashion…. as Mom did some core exercises. Then Mom got on the tilt table and we talked about family. She gravely told Moira and Robyn about Larry’s trip to the island and noted that Andrew was the most challenging kid to raise ( though then she later said he was the easiest, which we all know is not true.) when I suggested Laurel was probably the easiest, she agreed. After Physio we went to speech, had a little break, and on our way to OT Mom had another little meltdown during which she kept saying nobody, and when Jessica came by she said “Not my friend” so I think she was feeling alone. She had an ok OT but seemed grumpy.

Lunch brought our goodbye to Leo. Mom gave him a smiley face Purdue chocolate and when we headed off and I told Mom to say bye because Leo was leaving, she smiled very beautifully and roled over to him to give him a hug with her one good arm. Leo gave her a kiss and we exchanged numbers (Larry I gave him yours) with a promise to be in touch. The world could use more men like Leo.

After lunch we outside for a bit, then Mom said it was bad idea so we toured inside, but Mom seemed wiped some got her into bed, had a quick, groggy Skype with Laurel, and I read Mom a couple of chapters of the Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe. Now Mom is grabbing some shut eye while I do a bit of work.

Excited to see what the evening brings.


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