This post brought to you by Heather

Mom awoke from the nap she was having during our last update and I thought it might be a good time to chat. Mom wasn’t talking much, be she was grinning a lot and had some pretty tell tale facial expressions; the best was when I asked her if she’d come to my wedding one day – the look clearly said that I should hurry up and get on it! Classic. At one point, she started smiling really widely at me and tucking some of my hair behind my ear. She then half-rubbed, half-patted by back in a hug and I could tell she was really trying to say I love you. That moment alone made this whole trip worth it!

Mom and I chatted until it was time for her to go to dinner. Mom sat with Mary, Edna, and our new friend in all leopard print. She was the envy of the table as she got what looked like a butternut squash soup that smelled really good while everyone else got pretty gross looking broccoli and “perogie casserole.” Yuck! Mom ate all her soup and almost all her apple sauce. She was thoroughly repulsed by the Ensure pudding, but she stomached a bite mixed with her meds.

After dinner we went for a quick stroll and Mom got to see Barb’s adorable grandson. That was fun. After we went to the room, watched some Ellen and then I got bored so Mom and I played catch with the fairy bunny on her dresser. Mom had a lot of fun and was laughing and grinning the whole time. I strongly encourage others visiting Mom to play some serious fairy bunny catch.

The nurses came and put Mom to bed so I read her some Lion, Witch and Wardrobe as Mom closed her eyes. Then it was off home for me, where I was treated with an absolutely delicious lemony fruit cake care of Barb and Gary. Thanks so much to you!

I know Mom is missing Larry and I am excited to see him tomorrow. I am grateful for the great laughs and meaningful time spent with my Mom this weekend. Can’t wait for tomorrow.

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