Clean & Shiny

Bath day again for Janet and Amy and Diane had just finished dressing her when I arrived. She seemed pretty calm and content and warm this time. I helped her up and into the wheelchair then we headed off to breakfast and sat with Leo, Mary and Edna.

Janet ate at her usual slow pace but managed to get through the yogurt and a little Ensure. She was pretty smiley as people talked to her but wasn’t talking back at all. Right at the end of the meal she burst into tears for no obvious reason. It didn’t last long then we made a quick stop at her room before heading to the gym.

Moira and Robyn were all set for a serious stretching routine and I made a difficult exit saying farewell to Leo on my way out.

Heather arrived at 11:45, in time for lunch and hopefully is having a good time with her mom and will be composing the updates for the next few days.

Praying for continued healing and more happy days.

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