Jason had Janet all dressed and in her wheelchair when I arrived this morning. She was quite smiley and talkative in whispers and I think she likes Jason and the way he teases and pampers her. I had her drive out to breakfast and sit wherever she wanted but like yesterday she took a big loop around the north end of the room and then started heading for the east hallway. I reminded her to choose a table for breakfast and she took the closest one to her which made Mary and Edna quite happy.

Breakfast is turning into a bit of a marathon but Janet is eating more and more each time it seems. Today she ate all her yogurt and all her pureed peaches as well as half the vanilla Ensure. It took till 9:15 which meant no time for stretching again but I feel the eating is more important plus she really enjoys the attention she gets at each table and just listening to the chatter and watching all the hub bub is good for her too. Janet was quite bright this morning and smiley until she took her last bite of peaches. She burst into tears. This episode lasted three or four minutes and she would not say why she was crying. She stopped a little then started again a couple times and it wasn’t until her tablemate Mary, wheeled herself over to Janet, grabbed her arm and with tears in her eyes started to console Janet that she stopped for good. Not sure if she was freaked out by Mary doing that or genuinely felt the love coming from her. It was a very touching moment and I hope Janet remembers it.

We went back to her room to brush teeth and have her post meal drink of water. I noticed some discoloration in the syringe and in her tube and went and asked Nicole about it. She figured it was from the late night tube feed and when someone flushed the line they didn’t kink it first. Makes sense, I was concerned there was an incorrect med given or something. I wheeled Janet down to the gym as we were a little late for Physio. Janet told Moira and Robyn, “I’m ready”, in a loud voice with a little prompting from me. Moira was excited to hear it and told Janet that Jessica was still excited about hearing her talk yesterday. Positive reinforcement. The plan was to do some leg stretching on the mat and use the elliptical step machine. Janet seemed happy to be there. For some reason there is no Speech today for anyone so I asked Nicole if she could get Janet on the toilet after Physio. She said she would. Can’t wait to hear about it.

Looking forward to a happy afternoon.

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